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Press Release 22/04/2013

PrideWyse - Journey Of A Female Tech-Entrepreneur. Project eX fundraising. We have raised over $700 so far! Tell all your friends and family and be seen as a supporter of Melbourne start-up businesses, creative thinkers, and become apart of our dream.

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    Get your account now and we'll help you build your platform for free. We can only accept 50 writers at a time; make sure you secure your spot. It is easy and it is free. Once we get your information we'll look at your pages and assist you to build your network.

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    - 17/10/2012 - EARLY STAGE FUNDRAISING

    We are currently campaigning heavily for opportunities in early stage fundraising. We have now raised over 600 votes so far! Don't stop now. Every vote increase our funding to build our prototype. Please vote twice, one for the business profile document, and the second for the operational cost saving tip. Thanks to all those who have supported this initiative so far. Only votes through LinkedIn are accepted.

    - Voting Closed

    Networking In Action

    - 17/10/2012 (Last updated)

    See our progress in building our community. We are in the hunt for the right people, and the right resources to leverage a sound business operation.

  • Building Our Network

    My friends who have a passion in these areas need places to express themselves to the world, and PrideWyse will give them the vehicle to do this. -D.A

    I found just what I was needed, and it was entertaining! -S.V

    This site is like a classroom, except I don't hate it! -L.M